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Eight Finalists to Compete in Three Minute Thesis Competition

For several weeks, 25 Stony Brook PhD and DMA students have been working on talks about their dissertation research for Three Minute Thesis (3MT), a spoken-word competition held annually at Stony Brook. These short talks are designed to share the excitement of their work with anyone, regardless of area of expertise. 

Now, eight finalists will compete live this Wednesday, April 6, at 4pm, as they deliver their presentations in three minutes with only one PowerPoint slide as they compete for awards: 

First Prize: $1,000
Second Prize: $700
Third Prize: $500
People’s Choice: $300

Tune in for the livestream and vote for the People’s Choice award at

The eight finalists are: 

Farzana Ali, Biomedical Engineering, Let Your Watch Pick Your Medicine!
Xinan Chen, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, How Do Neuro-Degenerative Diseases Affect Our Brain?
Kathryn Hill, Neuroscience, Binging and the Reward Center: Chicken or the Egg?
Giancarlo Pasquini, Social and Health Psychology, What Can Personality Say About Dementia?
Derek Pope, Science/STEM Education, Imagine Actually Understanding Math? Student teachers’ beliefs about how math should be taught
Deborah Rupert, Neuroscience, Call of the Child: Rebalancing the Auditory Cortex
Heidi Schneider, Music, Is Your Favorite Song Designed with You in Mind?
Alyssa Stansfield, Atmospheric Science, Why Are Hurricanes Getting Rainier? 

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