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Research to Better Understand Air Quality Hits New Heights

Coordinated flight over deadhorse 3 3 22This photo taken from the right wing of a plane (ALAR) shows another plane – the University of Wyoming’s King Air – during their coordinated effort over Alaska to measure various air quality indicators in the region. Led by Paul Shepson, PhD, Dean of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) – who operates ALAR – the project called CHACHA (Collaborative Research: Chemistry in the Arctic-Clouds, Halogens and Aerosols) aims to improve the understanding of atmospheric chemistry in the Arctic that impacts ozone, particulate matter and cloud chemical composition in a rapidly changing Arctic atmosphere. Flights started during winter 2022 and will continue through spring. The research is supported by a $2.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation. To track the progress of CHACHA, see this blog.

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