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Lesley Thorne  

Lesley Thorne

Ph.D., 2010, Duke University


bio-physical and trophic interactions in marine ecology; application of spatial analysis and landscape ecology techniques to marine conservation


Research Interests

I am interested in bio-physical and trophic interactions in marine ecology and the application of spatial analysis and landscape ecology techniques to marine conservation. Specifically, my research interests focus on the importance of local oceanographic features and associated prey distributions to the foraging habitat of marine predators. Ongoing research projects include studies investigating the mechanics of oceanographic features relative to foraging seabirds and their prey in both Onslow Bay, North Carolina and in the Bay of Fundy, Canada; research projects integrating in situ and remotely sensed data to investigate the cetacean habitat use in relation to physical and oceanographic habitat factors in the South Atlantic Bight; and a habitat modeling study examining the resting habitat of spinner dolphins in Hawaii.


Thorne, L.H., E.L. Hazen, S.J. Bograd, D.G. Foley, M.G. Connors, M.A. Kappes, H.M. Kim, Y.Tremblay, D.P. Costa and S.A. Shaffer Sympatric North Pacific albatross species show contrasting responses to climate variability. In review at Glob Change Biol.

Foley, C.F., M. Lynch, L.H. Thorne, H.J. Lynch. Listing foreign species under the Endangered Species Act: Who, how, why, and to what end? In review at Front Ecol Environ.

Lynch, M., C.F. Foley, L.H. Thorne, and H.J. Lynch. Are we following best practices in Antarctic policy with respect to biological data? In review at Antarct Sci.

Belkin, I.M., Hunt, G.L., Hazen, E.L., Zamon, J.E., Schick, R.S., Prieto, R., Brodziak, J., Teo, S.L., Thorne, L.H., Bailey, H., Sachihiko, I., Munk, P., Musyl, M.K., Willis, J.K., and W. Zhang (2014) Fronts, fish and predators. Deep-Sea Res. Pt. II. 107: 1-2.

Thorne, L.H. and A.J. Read (2013) Fine-scale biophysical interactions drive prey availability at a migratory stopover site for Phalaropus spp. in the Bay of Fundy, Canada. Mar Ecol Prog Ser. 487: 261-273.

Waples, D.M., L.H. Thorne, L.W. Williams, E.K. Burke, K.W. Urian and A.J. Read (2013) A field test of acoustic deterrent devices used to reduce interactions between bottlenose dolphins and a coastal gillnet fishery in North Carolina, USA. Biol Conserv. 157: 163-171.

Thorne, L.H., D.W. Johnston, D.L. Urban, R.W. Baird, S. Yin, S. Rickards, M.H. Deakos, A.A. Pack and M.C. Hill (2012) Predictive modeling of spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) resting habitat in the main Hawaiian Islands: implications for management. PLoS ONE. 7(8): e43167.

Dunn, D.C., K. Stewart, R.K. Bjorkland, M. Haughton, S. Singh-Rentond, R. Lewison, L.H. Thorne and P.N. Halpin (2009) A regional analysis of coastal and domestic fishing effort in the wider Caribbean. Fish Res. 102(1-2): 60-68.

Nowacek, D.P., L.H. Thorne, D.W. Johnston and P. L. Tyack (2007) Responses of cetaceans to anthropogenic noise: an update and evaluation of potential physiological consequences. Mam Rev 37(2): 81-115.

Johnston D.W., L.H. Thorne and A.J. Read (2005) Fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) and minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) exploit a tidally-driven island wake ecosystem in the Bay of Fundy. Mar Ecol Prog Ser. 305: 287-295.

Thorne, L.H. and A.J. Read (In preparation) Developing spatial predictions of the at-sea habitat of black-capped petrels (Pterodrama hasitata) using generalized additive models.

Thorne, L.H., Read, A.J., H.J. Foley and R.W. Baird (In preparation) Living on the edge: short- finned pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus) exploit steep bathymetric gradients in the Northwest Atlantic.


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